Brand New Love Affair available on

Brand New Love Affair can be pre-ordered on Amazon!
Brand New Lobe Affair est disponible en pre-commande sur Amazon!

Brand New Love Affair

One response to “Brand New Love Affair available on

  1. I love your two latest CD’s they are amazing. Each single song from Brief Encounters, makes me feel relaxed, adored, happy, they are just what young American people like me, want to listen from you; Brand New Love Affair, my gosh, it such as amazing album, I love your eight amazing songs in it. “Brand New Love Affair (In The Mix),” “I’m Coming Up (which is my favorite song out of this music album,” “I Am What I Am,” “C’est La Vie,” “Kiss Me, Honey, Honey, Kiss Me (Miguelito Loveless Remix),” “C’est La Vie (Part 2),” “Brand New Love Affair Symphony,” & “T1 Love Suit.”

    Love you :]

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